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How to find your 1,000 True Fans

In 2008, Kevin Kelly argued that creators (authors, musicians, artists, photographers, etc.) can make a living if they have “1,000 True Fans”. A creator blog is key to building such a community. In this fast-paced session, Todd will walk the audience through the critical WordPress-related pieces required to build and maintain a dedicated, engaged and responsive audience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: A Plugin Development Journey

This talk will go over how we approached building a plugin to add support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project ( to WordPress sites.

AMP requires an alternate presentation of the WordPress site’s content to match its restrictive spec. During the talk, we’ll discuss the various WordPress and PHP APIs that the plugin relies on (rewrites, DOMDocument, etc.), some the design decisions we made, and the various challenges we encountered (and still do, in some cases).

The intended audience is primarily developers (all levels), but non-developers are welcome to attend as well.

Build a membership site in 30 minutes, for $30

A half hour of nonstop fun, showing how to build a complete membership powered website for $30 in just 30 minutes.

At the end, you’ll have:

– a WordPress powered website;
– restricted, membership only content;
– pay to download digital content;
– a payment gateway;

This one’s a lot of fun, I like to have a stopwatch running to see if I can get it all done in less than 30 minutes with plenty of time left for the inevitable questions.

Accessible for Anyone: The Law, User Experience, and Your Theme

Accessibility (a11y for short) on the web has become law in Ontario, and yet there are still so many easily-overlooked details developers often miss. Discover some of the legal responsibilities developers have for today (and tomorrow), how improving the User Experience for all people will also improve your site’s search engine ranking, and practical steps and tools to help you upgrade your theme’s accessibility score.

Start Here: A Content Creation Regimen

Content creation is *hard work*, especially if you’re a small business or indy blogger. Your resources — money and time — are very limited.

And what if you’re new at this? Figuring out where to begin can be an utterly overwhelming experience. (Seriously – a search for “how to create content” returns 1,970,000,000 results on Google!)

We’re going to keep it simple in this session by focusing on everyday activities that’ll get your content-creation process up and running.

No vague theories. No motivational speech. No sales pitch. Just a simple, step-by-step approach using WordPress and a handful of free tools.

Ready? Let’s give er’.

Repeatable WordPress installs

Does you WordPress site need repeatable installs for dev, QA and production? How about upgrades or security patches? Manage your army of WordPress VPS with Ansible and save your sanity!

WP-CLI – Save Time By Managing WordPress from the Command Line

WP-CLI is a set of command line tools for managing your WordPress site. It allows you to perform many tasks much quicker than you would be able to by other means. In this session, I will teach you how to get WP-CLI running, and show some of my favourite time saving features. Once you’ve started using WP-CLI, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! This talk is appropriate for developers, designers and server administrators of all skill levels.

An Introduction to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Businesses or individuals can set up their eCommerce store on their WordPress sites. In this session, I’ll give an overview of WooCommerce and set up a simple store to give basics of end-to-end journey. This includes installing the plugin, creating a product, and setting up a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe.

UI Testing with Selenium in PHP

This talk will help you discover how to Automate UI testing with the Selenium WebDriver using PHP. An in depth discussion of the Page-Object model for creating clean, reusable code for tests. Discussion of services available for automated testing on any Browser in any Operating System.

Website strategy and design – how do they work together?

This session focuses on the importance of setting (and following) a website strategy and how design elements play a major role in nurturing prospects, improving visitor engagement, and increasing conversion. This session is meant for anyone with a WordPress website who want to apply the journey of the buyer to website strategy and design.


Why WordPress Is a Good Fit on Agile Environments

This talk will cover two main sections:

1.- What is Agile? I will go through the 12 principles of the Agile manifesto, explaining what is Agile and how important it is on websites development projects

2.- Why WordPress is a good fit? I will explain how WordPress as a mature platform is a perfect fit to:

– Satisfy the customer,
– Involve changes even late on development,
– Deliver working software frequently,
– Team content collaboration,
– Release features frequently, allowing progress through the project,
– And because of the platform itself, how easy is to integrate any kind of projects from a simple blog through a complex e-commerce solution.

WP Site Management: Keeping Your Creation Happy, Healthy and Secure

You’ve designed it, you’ve built it, you’ve launched your new website – job done, right?

Nope – your adventure has only begun!

In this session we’ll review what “website security” really means, why it matters, and how exactly to implement basic security best practices such as:

– Controlling user access to your site,

– Using (and managing) strong passwords,

– Applying updates to Core and Plugins,

– Installing and configuring security plugins,

– & How to back up your site easily, effectively, and automatically!

You’ll leave this session with the ABCs of Security – literally!

WordPress 102

Quick Review of 101 (see presentation from last year here)
Contact information
Theme selection
Plugin selection
WordPress repository
More about Hiring a Designer/Developer

WordPress as an application framework

There are many ways of building web and mobile apps, but with built-in database handling, a decent view structure, a REST API, and a host of other features, WordPress is just as good – in some cases, better – than other frameworks out there. We’ll learn a few different methods of tackling building a web and mobile app with WordPress.